Common Faults and Solutions of Impact Crusher

As we all know, the large-scale construction impact crusher is widely used in mining, construction, cement, chemical industry, metallurgy and other industries, and often encounters many problems in the production process. After nearly 20 years of production experience, this paper summarizes some common faults of the impact crusher used in large-scale buildings, and develops corresponding solutions.

1. Mechanical Sound Fault

During the operation of the impact crusher used in large buildings, there is a very violent knocking sound inside the crushing chamber. Firstly, the power supply of the impact crusher for building should be shut down immediately, and the crushing chamber should be stopped and cleaned. Secondly, the impact crusher for building will produce tremendous vibration during operation, check whether there is material that can not be broken into the crushing chamber. Then, check the fastening condition of the lining plate and the gap between the hammer and the lining plate to confirm it. Whether the wear-resistant liner is falling off or not.

2. Excessive Discharge Size

The particle size of impact crusher used in large building is too large during discharging. Firstly, the gap between front and rear impact frame should be adjusted or the worn lining plate and plate hammer should be replaced; secondly, the position of impact frame should be adjusted so that the relative gap between the two sides and the frame lining can be achieved to ensure the discharging particle size.

3. Serious Bearing Wear

Because the impact crusher used in large buildings works under the harsh conditions of large impact load, large vibration, high speed and much dust for a long time, it aggravates the wear of rotor bearings, thus affecting the smooth operation of production.

(1). Bearing damage is mainly caused by unbalanced installation of the rotor or bearing, aging of the bearing seal ring, wear and tear, local force in the process of high-speed operation of the rotor, insufficient lubrication of the bearing and other factors. Restricted by working environment and working mode, it is required to adopt the prescribed matching coefficient. When installing, attention should be paid to the balanced installation of rotors. Generally, bearings with strong bearing capacity and good alignment performance are used as rotor bearings, and the calculation life of bearings should be 5000-10000h.

(2). The overheated bearing condition of the impact crusher for large building is mainly caused by insufficient grease, excessive grease, grease fouling and deterioration, bearing damage, etc. First of all, we should check whether the grease is sufficient, and add a proper amount of grease regularly. According to the standard, the grease should be filled with 50% of the bearing seat volume. Secondly, we should pay attention to the daily cleaning and maintenance of bearings and replace the grease. If the wear is serious, please replace the bearing.

4. Serious wear of hammer head

Hammer head is easy to wear in large-scale construction impact crusher. After a certain period of work, the working face of the hammer head will be damaged and the surface shape will change. At this time, the gap between the hammer head and the lining board (generally less than 10 mm) will increase, and the friction between them will be greatly reduced. This is the main reason for the wear failure of the hammer head. Form. The damage of the hammer head is inevitable, only to extend the life of the hammer head as long as possible.

  • (1). It is necessary to avoid the damage of hammer head or lining board by the impact crusher used in construction.
  • (2). Use wear-resistant materials, such as high-carbon manganese alloy cast steel or white cast iron, as hammer material, to improve the wear resistance of hammer and reduce the number of replacements.
  • (3). If it is found that the hammer head is seriously worn out, it should be replaced or repaired in time to ensure the normal operation of the impact crusher for construction.

5. Belt Failure

There are many reasons for belt burning, for example, belt running continuously for a long time, leading to wear and heat and combustion; belt tightness is not enough, friction heating and combustion; construction with impact crusher overload plugging, belt skidding friction and combustion. Firstly, the use of Belt should be checked regularly, and screw should be used to adjust the belt tightness when the belt is loose. Secondly, ventilation equipment should be added to improve the heat dissipation of belt and motor.

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