How to Install and Adjust Construction Waste Crusher

Apart from choosing a high-quality construction waste crusher, the assembling metal of construction waste crusher has always been the top priority. How to install construction waste crusher is introduced in detail.

Construction waste crusher is mainly composed of base assembly, eccentric sleeve assembly, transmission assembly, motor assembly, moving cone assembly, fixed cone assembly, etc. The auxiliary part is mainly used in the mine crushing industry by electrical system and lubrication system. Before installing the construction waste crusher, some external factors should be determined. Firstly, the installation environment should be determined where the rainwater can not reach, and the installation of the construction waste crusher in the open air should be prohibited. In addition, the correctness of the basic manufacturing should be checked. Is it in conformity with the drawings and technical requirements of the manufacturer?

Installation Of Adjusting Device, Adjusting Sleeve And Spring

  • (1) Clean up the supporting sleeve and adjusting ring. The locking cylinder is mounted on the interface part of the locking cylinder on the support sleeve and connected to the interface part of the hydraulic station by applying dry and dilute oil mixture on the serrated thread.
  • (2) The support sleeve is mounted on the frame.
  • (3) The adjusting ring is rotated into the supporting sleeve.
  • (4) Twist the locking nut on the supporting sleeve and punch four pins into the alignment pin hole.
  • (5) Installation of funnel devices and funnels.
  • (6) Installation of dust-proof cover: When installing dust-proof cover, pay attention to the four key blocks of the adjusting ring, which are stuck in the slot of the dust-proof cover.
  • (7) Adjust the working height of the spring according to the drawings.
  • (8) Install the animal potentiometer of the driving cylinder, install the driving cylinder, and connect the two interfaces M and N of the driving cylinder to the interface M and N of the hydraulic station, respectively. The animal potentiometer is clamped on the feeding support, and the animal potentiometer interface is connected to the locking cylinder oil circuit through the filling hose and four-way.


Installation of Feeding Department

  • (1) The incorrect installation will have the following adverse effects on the construction waste crusher.
  • The output of construction waste crusher is reduced.

    The size of ore discharging is not uniform and there are many large blocks.

    Non-uniform or accelerated wear of worn parts.

  • (2) The height H of the distance between the inlet and outlet and the distributor plate is of great significance to the normal operation of the construction waste crusher. When H is too high, the ore easily enters the crushing space without the distributor plate. Therefore, the installation must be carried out according to the specified height.
  • (3) The arc-shaped steel plate is used to protect the feeding box from being damaged and the ore is not easily blocked in the feeding box. It is necessary to maintain the shape of the arc-shaped steel plate and the size of the arc-shaped steel plate from the edge of the feeding port in order to avoid the accumulation of ore.

Installation and Adjustment Test of Hydraulic Station

  • (1) The hydraulic station of the construction waste crusher is located in the proper position of the base for easy operation. The hydraulic station can connect the piping parts and pipes of the main engine, and can be arranged appropriately according to the actual situation of the site.
  • (2) The M, N and P ports of the hydraulic station are respectively connected with the M and N ports of the driving cylinder to lock the P ports of the cylinder.
  • (3) After each part of the hydraulic station is installed, the test pressure is 140 kgf/cm2.
  • (4) Locking test.
  • A Before pressing the locking cylinder, 75-80kgf/cm2 nitrogen must be filled into the animal potentiometer.

    B Must press the locking cylinder after unloading the push cylinder.

    The residual gas in the cylinder and its pipeline can be removed by screw plugging in the pipeline or at the bottom of the accumulator.

  • (5) Adjustment test: Make the locking cylinder to be used to adjust the discharge outlet after pressure relief.
  • (6) The hydraulic station has good components and flexible operation.

Notices for Construction Waste Crusher

  • (1) Ore must be given in the middle of the distributing tray. Ore shall not be directly fed into the crushing chamber. Because it is easy to overload the construction waste crusher and make the liner wear unevenly.
  • The correct ORE-FEEDING conditions are as follows:

    The ore is evenly dispersed in the crushing chamber through the distribution plate.

    The feed ore should not be higher than the level of the rolling mortar wall.

  • (2) The large feeding size of the construction waste crusher shall not be equal to the size of the feeding port (the large size of the feeding block & le; 85% of the size of the feeding port), otherwise it will lead to:
  • Decreased output of construction waste crusher.

    Damage of some other parts of construction waste crusher.

  • (3) Construction waste crusher is not allowed to start with load, which will cause accidents.
  • (4) When stopping, the feeder must be stopped first, and the ore that has entered the crushing chamber must be crushed and discharged to stop the construction waste crusher.
  • (5) When the construction waste crusher is working, the pressure of the locking system and the working condition of the hydraulic station should be checked frequently, and the problems should be found and dealt with in time.

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