Key Parameters For Purchasing Construction Waste Crusher

Construction waste crusher is a kind of crusher developed for municipal solid waste. Its crushing ratio is large and its environmental pollution is small, so it is widely used. This paper mainly introduces the determination method of key parameters of construction waste crusher.

1. Shape Of Knife Head

The shape of the cutter head has an important influence on the material feeding. The knife head can be designed into a body type, and the knife head is straight edge. This not only ensures the continuous feeding of materials, but also improves the strength of the construction waste crusher, so as to improve the service life of the cutter head.

2. Distance Between The Tip Of The Cutter Head And The Other Cutter Shaft

The shorter the distance, the finer the material is broken; on the contrary, the coarser the material is broken. Considering the size requirement for primary crushing of materials and the mechanical parameters of foreign equipment, the overlapping size of the tool head can be determined according to the distance.

3. Tool Shaft Speed

The linear velocity of the cutter head has a great influence on the shearing effect, and the optimal linear velocity of different materials is also different. When the speed increases, the impact and shear of the tool head on the material are enhanced, and the crushing force is also increased. But it can't be too large, otherwise the no-load power of the equipment will increase, and the noise and vibration will also increase, which will lead to the decrease of the shear crushing ability.

4. Size Of Screen

Construction waste crusher is the primary crushing process equipment in garbage treatment. In the subsequent re-crushing process, the screen can not only filter materials, but also crush materials. Therefore, the size of screen is more important.

5. Distance and Number of Cutter Teeth on Cutter Head

The smaller the number of cutter teeth on the cutter head, the higher the productivity, but the worse the crushing effect. The more the number of cutter teeth on the cutter head, the stronger the crushing, extrusion and friction of the cutter head on the material. The excessive fine crushing of wet material, the obvious increase of power consumption, and the productivity can not be improved. So choose the right distance and quantity.

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