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Cone crusher and impact crusher are secondary crushing equipment commonly used in mining crushing and building materials sand making industries. They can be con

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Cone crusher and impact crusher are secondary crushing equipment commonly used in the mining crushing and building materials sand making industries. They can be connected behind the head crusher jaw crusher. If the feed size is not very large, they can also be used directly without considering the jaw crusher. However, you must still be careful when choosing between the two. For example, you need to consider processing materials, production capacity, output granularity, and equipment wear.

Main characteristics of impact crusher

The main characteristics of the impact crusher are: large crushing ratio and good product shape! This is because it uses the "stone-to-stone" technology principle, which repeatedly causes the materials to collide with each other, thereby greatly reducing the loss of the hammer and edge protection accessories, but it also highlights the disadvantages of the counterattack: crushing granite and basalt High hardness rock materials have no advantages.

Application of cone crusher

Cone crusher is more suitable for crushing high hardness rock. In principle, cone crushers use the gap between two similarly nested cone crushing attachments (bubble wall and crushing wall). Change the size of the stone to break and release the stone in the gap, which is called "stone hitting iron".

Of course, in order to complete such a heavy task, safety measures must be taken to avoid jeopardizing members' ability to work. Such cone crushers usually have two types of safety devices: mechanical spring devices and hydraulic spring devices. However, the hydraulic cone crusher has developed rapidly and has become a major force. The cone crusher can be adjusted according to different discharge outlet adjustment methods and different spindle installation methods. It is divided into two types: fixed spindle type and movable spindle type. The adjustment of the discharge opening of the fixed hydraulic cone of the main shaft is to adjust the discharge opening by the spiral rotation of the fixed cone, which causes the fixed cone to cause the mortar wall to roll up and down. When inserted into the rack, the load capacity is large. The principle of the safety device is as follows: During the crushing process, the crushing force is pulsating. When an indestructible object is encountered, the safety device will open the crushing gap so that hard materials can pass through and be selected by subsequent beneficiation equipment.

However, although the structure and working principle of cone crusher and impact crusher are very different, they are the main equipment of medium and fine crushing stone. The jaw crusher from the previous procedure can be added or not (depending on the size of the material being processed. If it is too large, it is best to add a top jaw crusher, especially stones that have been blown from the mountain).


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