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Feed Size]: <600-<1200mm [Productivity]:100-800t/h [Scope of application]: It is suitable for crushing various brittle materials, such as coal, coal mi

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Coal crusher is a kind of impact rotor crusher with crushing rings. The suspension belt of crushing rings rotates along the suspension axis of the rotor. The crushing rings rotate and impact with the rotor, and also rotate around the suspension axis. The crushing process is completed by two stages of work of the crushing rings. When the material enters the crushing chamber, the crushing ring rotating in the first stage is impacted and crushed. In the second section, the crushed particles falling on the sieve plate are further crushed by the crushing ring and discharged through the sieve hole. A small amount of materials that can not be broken into the waste room, and then regularly removed from the waste room. The adjustment of discharging granularity is accomplished by replacing sieve plates of different specifications. The clearance between rotor and sieve plate can be adjusted by adjusting mechanism according to need.

Application of Coal Crusher

Coal crusher is a kind of micron-scale fine crushing equipment with good energy-saving effect and high grinding efficiency in the coal grinding industry. Especially in the application of ultra-fine mineral processing, it has attracted the attention of domestic and foreign colleagues. It can quickly obtain finer products with less energy, which can complete grinding and grading at one time, and discharge qualified materials as soon as possible. Unqualified materials are returned to be grinded continuously, with less grinding and unnecessary energy consumption. Raw materials enter the mill and pulverized coal is discharged. The process system is simple, which makes the vibration grinding technology to a new level.

Performance Characteristics Of Coal Crusher

Working Principle of Coal Impact Crusher

Coal crusher is divided into: hammer crusher and stick crusher.

Hammer coal crusher is strict with water requirement. Hammer force is used to crush coal. There are sieve boards below, which are bigger than the requirement and continue to crush, and smaller sieve enters the boiler.

Tooth roll coal crusher: Use two motors to drive the pulleys on both sides of the coal crusher to make the upper and lower two teeth rollers move in opposite directions. Material that meets the gap between the two teeth rollers falls automatically. The bigger ones continue to crush, which saves more power than the hammer type, is environmentally friendly and will not be crushed too much. There is no requirement for water, and it is full at any time. Power.


Coal Crusher Production Line

Commonly used coal crushing production line is divided into one and two stages of crushing, which is composed of jaw crusher, hammer crusher, vibration feeder, circular vibration screen, belt conveyor and other equipment. The specific technological process is as follows:

Difference between Coal Crusher and Coal Mill

Coal mill is a machine that crushes and grinds coal into pulverized coal. It is an important auxiliary equipment of pulverized coal furnace. In other words, coal mill is a pulverizing equipment. So there are essential differences between coal mill and coal crusher. The pulverizing process of a coal mill is a process in which coal is crushed and its surface area is continuously increasing. In order to increase the new surface area, it is necessary to overcome the binding force between solid molecules, which requires energy consumption. Coal is ground into pulverized coal in a coal mill, mainly by crushing, smashing and grinding three ways. The crushing process consumes less energy. The grinding process is energy-intensive. All kinds of pulverizers have two or three ways mentioned above in the process of pulverizing, but the type of pulverizer depends on which is the main one.

There are many types of coal mills. According to the rotational speed of the working parts of coal mills, they can be divided into three types: low speed coal mill, medium speed coal mill and high speed coal mill.


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