Impact Crusher For Silica Sand Processing Line


Silica is the most abundant mineral in the crust. Silica offers one of the most comprehensive product portfolios available from any distributor. We have a local

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Silica is the most abundant mineral in the crust. Silica offers one of the most comprehensive product portfolios available from any distributor. We have a local team of application engineers and technical experts, dedicated to providing technical support to customers, and provide design expertise to help them compete successfully.

In the silica sand production line, jaw crusher is coarse silica sand crusher, counterattack crusher and cone crusher are fine sand crusher. VSI crusher is a sand making machine used for sizing and moulding. Vibrating screen is the main screening machine in silica sand factory. According to different screens, suitable screening cloth is selected as screening equipment. Silica sand washing equipment is used to remove dust and ashes from sand. In this sand washing process, XSD series sand washing equipment is widely used, with capacity ranging from 20 tons/hour to 180 tons/hour.

Silica Sand Processing Flow



Signal of Reversible Impact Crusher And Solution Measures

Reversible impact crusher is one of the main machines in crusher industry. Its main purpose is to crush limestone, bluestone and other minerals and other hard ore materials, fine crushing operation, reversible impact crusher can be said to make up for the lack of crusher in the market, compared with other crushers have outstanding advantages, and often in real life, how to operate the problem often makes the majority of customers feel at a loss! Even the crusher has appeared fault signal, but has not been found, so that the problem expanded, damaged the machine, and even caused unsafe accidents.

The Technical Department of our company lists several fault signals and solutions for reversible impact. I hope it will be helpful to you.

(1) Abnormal Vibration Of Reversible Impact Crusher Occurs:

Reason explanation: material is too big and wear is uneven

Measures: Check the feed size in time, replace the impact hammer head, adjust the rotor to balance it, check the anchor bolt and reinforce it.

(2) Reversible Impact Crusher The Belt And Turns Over:

Reason explanation: There are some problems in belt wear or belt conveying assembly by impact

Measures: Replace the triangle belt or adjust the pulley on the same plane, we must pay attention to the quality of the triangle belt itself.

(3) Reversible Impact Crusher Has The Problem Of Excessive Grain Size Of Discharged Material:

Reason explanation: hammer head wear or feed grain size is too large, the gap between hammer head and impact plate is too large Measures taken: idle or replace the hammer head, adjust the gap between the hammer head and the impact plate to 15-20 mm, and control the feed size.

(4) Reversible Impact Crusher Bearing Heating

Cause Description: Bearing oil shortage or excessive oil, bearing damage

Measures: Check the oil level, refuel in time if necessary, replace the bearing in time if the bearing is damaged, adjust the bolt properly and keep it loose and moderate.

(5) Reversible Impact To Break The Sloshing And Noise Phenomena Of Mechanical Parts

Reason explanation: impact break fixed screw loosening

Measures: Check screw loosening and tightening in time

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