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Silica sand is actually what we call quartz sand. It is mainly obtained by crushing, screening, washing and drying of natural silica (quartz) raw materials. Its

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Silica sand is actually what we call quartz sand. It is mainly obtained by crushing, screening, washing and drying of natural silica (quartz) raw materials. Its physical and chemical properties are very stable, so it has become one of the most important industrial raw materials and is widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, glass, ceramics and repair. With the continuous progress of science and technology, silica sand will also be applied to the production of new energy sources in construction, plastics and other fields.

Silica sand is so widely used that it attracts many friends who want to invest in the Silica Sand Processing Industry. What are the production equipment of Silica Sand? What are their advantages and characteristics? These are the topics that we attach great importance to. Next, we will introduce them in detail.

1. Jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is a process used in the production line of silica sand - coarse crushing of silica stone. The equipment is now widely used, advanced in structure, and has a long history of efficient crushing. Its structure and working principle are very simple, and it has very advanced manufacturing technology, so it has the characteristics of simple operation, convenient repair, small occupied area, large crushing ratio, strong crushing ability, uniform and adjustable discharging granularity, low failure rate, long service life, low price and so on. It is very sensitive to use and can operate steadily and reliably in any harsh working environment. Jaw crusher not only has a good crushing effect on silica, but also can be said to be the necessary equipment for all stone production lines, so its unusual shopping mall location can be seen.

2. Impact crusher

The impact crusher is used in the second process of silica sand production line, which is fine crushing in silica stone. The structure of the equipment is very simple. It mainly relies on the high-speed rotor and hammer head to complete the fine crushing of silica stone, which is usually placed after the jaw crusher. The impact crusher has not only a short time to come out, but also a very skilled production and manufacturing technology. It has the advantages of exquisite manufacturing materials, fewer faults, simple repair and maintenance, pollution-free, low noise, stable operation, energy saving and consumption reduction. In addition, the silica particles produced by the equipment are uniform in texture and drift in granular form. Bright, no over breakage, can be useful to reduce the load of the next stage of sand machine.

3. Sand Making Machine

Sand machine plays an important role in the production line of silica sand. The first step is to make sand by further fine grinding of fine silica particles. Now there are many kinds of sand making machines in the market, including TK sand making machine, VSI sand making machine, PCL sand making machine and so on. This equipment is developed and produced by introducing advanced sand-making technology, combining the advantages of other sand-making machines and the production situation of domestic sand-making enterprises. It has unique organizational and functional advantages. Its main performance is high sand-making efficiency, good effect, low energy consumption, zero pollution, zero noise, automatic control, simple operation and operation. Low cost, long life, etc. In addition, the price of the equipment is very reasonable, which is comparable to the traditional sand machine. Therefore, it has been popular in the whole sand machine market for half a year after it was put into use in the market.


4. Sand Washer

Wheel-bucket sand washer is generally used for cleaning and removing impurities in sand washing machine, because the structure of the equipment is very simple, the kinetic energy consumption is very small, the sand washing efficiency is high, the effect is good, water-saving, electricity-saving, green and environmental protection; otherwise, the quality of Wheel-bucket sand washer is very robust and not limited by the environment at all. And the price is more cost-effective, cost-effective.

5. Dryer

The primary function of dryer is to dry the washed silica sand. In fact, this link can also be omitted. It is possible to directly dry the product silica sand in the sun. But the color of the silica sand dried by dryer is more uniform than that of the silica sand exposed to the sun, so the large-scale silica sand factory will choose the dryer. Dry silica sand. The equipment has the advantages of good drying effect, high efficiency, simple structure, low failure rate, low carbon environmental protection and other functions.

Technical Advantages Of Sand Production Line

With the increasing level of industrialization, the pace of urban industrialization is also accelerating. A large part of the reason for the rapid progress of industrialization is due to the effective use of advanced equipment. Sandstone production line is an indispensable equipment in urban construction. It improves the quality of sand and gravel for urban construction and is a common equipment in the construction industry. The following describes the specific technical advantages of the production line reflected in what aspects.


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